Monday, 2/22/2016

Hello everyone, I am very excited to start CF Juke Joint here in Grand Junction! Here is the first WOD in the history. Of course we are starting with SQUAT. Squat is one of the most important functional movements.

Check out SQUAT HISTORY —> Click this link

Part. A. Back Squat for five sets each at ten reps: 95/55 (scale down to 45/35  or PVC if you are new to  squat) Our purpose today is to feel the low back tension at the bottom and keep the tension for the entire movement. If you are an Elite level athlete, 135/95 and take 90 second break between each round.

1st Super-slow, 20 seconds round trip

30 second break

2nd Bottom-to-bottom (rest at bottom, no stop at top)

30 second break

3rd Ten second pause at bottom of each rep

30 second break

4th Eyes closed (better use spotter or you’ll die)

30 second break

5th Ease down, EXPLODE-UP!!!

“Explosive hip extension is necessary, and damned near sufficient, for elite athleticism.”
– Coach Glassman

Part B. Tabata

  • Push up
  • Sit up
  • Ring row
  • Hollow rock


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