Tuesday, 2/23/16

Part A. Pull up progression (10 minutes)

5  rounds of

3 x Chin-up grip hands and elbows together

3 x Chin-up grip hands shoulder width wide

3 x Pull up regular grip

All strict pull up. If you don’t have a pull-up, use a band.


Purple band 140#
Black Band 100#
Green Band 65#
Blue Band 50#
Red Band 15#

Start using the band close to the half of your body weight, and see if it is too easy or not. and chaos the right weight band (Makes your chin pass the bar but still challenging a little)

Part B. Ring Dip (10 minutes)

3 rounds

2min AMRAP Ring dip

1min break

Choose your technique from this Ring Dip Progression Video.

Video link ——> Click here!

Part B. For Time (20min cap)
400m running or 100 Double under or 300 singles
25 Wall Ball 20/14
400m running
25 Pull up
400m running
25 Ring dip
400m running
25 Sit up

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