Tuesday, 6/21/16

Row Row Row Friday 6/24 6pm-8pm @ Pura Vida
CF JJ Family Hike #3 Sunday 6/26 9am-2:30pm @ Crag Crest Trail


Bo staff (10min)

Kicks & Strikes



Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
Tabata (as teams of 2)
1. Front Kick
2. Jump Front Kick
3. Pop Front Kick
4. Front-Jump Front-Pop Front Kick combo

Partner (A) and (B)
Each Tabata,
(A) R-leg – (B) R-leg – (A) L-leg – (B) L-leg – (A) R-leg – (B) R-leg – (A) L-leg – (B) L-leg

While (A) kicking, (B) hold the target. When (B) kicks, (A) hold the target.

Record the total reps per each tabata.

Cool down Stretch


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