Wednesday, 1/24/18


Clean and Jerk (3 Cleans + 1 Jerk @70% x1x4)

4 Rounds of 3 Full squat cleans + 1 Split jerk at 70% of 1RM c&J.


Nutts (Time)

10 Handstand Push-ups
15 Deadlifts, 250#
25 Box Jumps, 30″
50 Pull-ups
100 Wall-Ball Shots, 20#
200 Double-Unders
400m Run with a 45# Plate

In honor of Lieutenant Andrew Richard Nuttall, 30, stationed in Edmonton, AB died on December 23, 2009.
To learn more about Nutts click here
Deadlift 250/175
Box Jump 30/24
Jumping chin over bar pull ups for pull-up scaled
75 DUAs for DUs
400m run 45/35

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