Wednesday, 2/28/18

CrossFit 2018 OPEN Weeks! From this week, for 5 weeks CFJJ will have special hours for OPEN every Thursday. 4pm – 5pm CF class 5pm – 6pm CF Class 6pm – 6:30pm Live announcement watch 6:30pm – 7:30pm CF Class Weightlifting (20min) 1A: Strict Pull-ups  (4×6 ) 1B: Shoulder Press (8-8-8-8(@WK1 Top set+2.5#)) **DON’T JUSTContinue reading “Wednesday, 2/28/18”

Thursday, 2/15/18

Weightlifting Snatch Grip Deadlift (3-4 inches deficit@(90%+33#)x5x4) (15min) 4 Rounds of 5 SGDL (3-4 inches deficit)@33#+90% of 1RM Santch Snatch grip Push press+ 2 Heaving Snatch Balance  (@(70%+16.5#)x1x4) From the rack •        Start in Snatch Grip BTN • Slow dip and drive the bar up • Rotate shoulders and lock out elbows • Heaving SnatchContinue reading “Thursday, 2/15/18”