Tuesday, 4/16/19


Metcon (No Measure)

HS- Walk Progression


Handstand Walk (AMRAP 3 (1rep=6ft))

The athlete must start with the hands
(entire hand, including palm and
fingers) behind the mark denoting the
start of the segment being attempted.
When kicking up, stepping across
the line or landing with the hands on
or over the line constitutes a no rep.
Athletes must walk forward.
If the athlete comes down at any time,
the athlete must restart from the last
increment completed. Both hands,
including palms and fingers, must
touch the ground in front of the line
marking the 6-foot section to earn
credit for that distance. Each 6-foot
section will count as 1 rep. Athletes
must handstand walk across the line
and may not jump both hands over
the line to finish a section.

Scaling: Wall walk


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

50 WB shots 10/9ft 20/14#
100 DU
50ft HS-Walk
100 DU
50cal Row or 1mile Bike
100 DU
50ft HS-Walk

Scaling: 45sec HS-Hold for HS-Walk
For HS-Walk 1rep=5ft

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