Mayhem Affiliate 07/12/2022

CrossFit Juke Joint – CrossFit

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Warm Up

Warm-up (No Measure)

Estimated Total Session Time:

1 Hour (Everything Included)

1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate*

Hip Halo Warmup


6 min AMRAP

30 sec bike (easy pace)

5 Dumbbell Deadlifts (light weight)

3 Up-Downs

5 Bench Press (empty bar – slow and controlled)

2. Strength Prep

Athletes will be working back and forth on bench press and strictbox jump. Keep the feet in place throughout pause bench press with glutes and shoulders pressed into the bench. Athletes will pause for 2 seconds at the bottom of the press and should not lose tension before pressing the weight up. Athletes should always make sure they are using a spotter. High box jumps should be performed at a challenging height but not a max rep height.

3. Workout Prep

2 sets:

10-second Assault Bike (at workout pace)

3 Burpee Deadlifts


Pause Bench Press (2 Pause Bench Press x 5 sets @75% of 1RM )

*2-3 second pause at the bottom*


Max Height Box Jump (Distance)

Max Height Box Jump
Box Jump: Max Height

3 High Box Jumps x 5 sets

*6-8″ below max height for 1 rep


Metcon (Time)

“Any Way You Want It”

Freedom (RX’d)

For Time:


Burpee Dumbbell Deadlift (2x50s/35s)

*10/8 Calorie Assault bike after each set



Burpee Dumbbell Deadlift (35s/25s)

9/7 Calorie Assault or 7/6 Calorie Echo Bike after each set


10:00 Amrap

5 Up Downs

10 Dumbbell Deadlifts

10/8 Calorie Assault Bike

Target time: 12-14 minutes

Time cap: 16 minutes

* See Coaches Notes for Limited Equipment and Large Class Option


Warm-up (No Measure)

1 min forward fold (wide legs)

1 min seal pose

1 min trap smash with Barbell (each side)
[Forward Fold Wide Leg](

[Seal Pose](

[Trap Smash](

Warm Up

Warm-up (No Measure)

Mayhem Ready: Medial chain, the forgotten leg structure

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