2nd Home Quarantine Games Workouts

Workout #1

On a 7-minute running clock, as many reps of

00:00-01:00 Push ups (Knee push-ups for Masters 55 Years or older and scaled)

01:00-03:00 Line facing burpee over 6-inch line

03:00-04:00 Elbow to Plank

04:00-06:00 Line facing burpee over 6-inch line

06:00-07:00 Push ups


Total reps of Push ups, Line facing burpees, and Elbow to Planks completed for the score


*Line Facing Burpee standards –

The Line-Facing Burpee begins with the athlete standing tall. Next, the athlete may step or jump back, with their hands, chest and feet on the ground, completely behind the line closest to them. The athlete will then arrive at standing, by stepping or jumping up. Then, with both feet clearly behind the line closest to them, with a two foot take off, the athlete may jump completely over both lines to clear the 6 inch distance. This is when the rep is complete. Between each rep, the athlete shall step or jump back behind the line closest to them where they originated the burpee. If the athlete does not completely clear the marked lines or makes contact with a line at any point of the jump, this will be a no-rep, and the athlete must reattempt the jump portion. The “Just Move” division is allowed to step over the 6 inch mark.



Workout #2

Set up the clocks for 4 Tabata or 32 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest intervals.

On the first Tabata(4minutes), 8 intervals of 20 seconds squat bottom position hold and 10 seconds of AMRAP Bottom to Bottom air squats.  *Every time you stand for taking a break while you are hold the bottom position, or if you don’t go to the bottom position immediately, you will lose 1 rep on your score.

On the second Tabata (4minute), 8 intervals of 20 seconds AMRAP Walking lunges and 10 seconds rest.

Then repeat this one more time.

There is NO BREAK between tabata.



Workout #3

For time,

50 Air squats

40 Sit-ups

30 Grass Hopper (For scaled and 55+ years older Mountain climbers with touching you knees to elbows)

20 Burpees

There is NO TIME CAP



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