Do you like baseball?

Do you like baseball?

Do you remember the movie, “Moneyball?”


In this movie, Brad Pitt manages a professional baseball team, and he hires Jonah Hill for his assistant. And start listening to Jonah Hill’s statistics to run his baseball team. Of course his team makes great seasons after.

Data collecting, tracking and managing is the key for the success for many things. Specially for Fitness goals. Yes.

Setting the goals, writing journal everyday after workout, quantifying the performances, tracking daily variables, etc…

So many Authentic athletes prefer handwriting journals like this.

group of men with tablet pc and dumbbells in gym

sport, bodybuilding, lifestyle, technology and people concept – group of men with tablet pc computer flexing muscles in gym

Or…Like this..


It’s ROGUE!!! It’s so COOOOL!!!  Hahaha

However, we loose stuffs, and it will take spaces, and we will forget bringing it somedays.

That’s why we use Wodify. Wodify it will allow you to log all the stuffs on your own Wodify account. Not only you never loose you data, it’s very easy to go back to your workout record and check how you have already finished once or multiple times in the past for the same workout that you are about to do today.

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How do we maximize the results? How do we get the goals? You have the best option for your CrossFit Workout Journal. Maximize your Wodify use by using it as your Workout Journal. Do everything you would do with your Workout Journal. Don’t just use Wodify as Whiteboard you check your friend’s WOD finishing time or Weight they lifted. Unleash the all the benefits you already have and use it fully for YOUR OWN TRAINING.

Here’s the first thing you want to start.

Put more than workout results after WOD.

Here’s an example for Fran

Time: 7:23 Rx


21s all unbroken 2:15, 15, 5/5/5 for thrusters 10/5 pull-ups 5:49, 5/4 thrusters,3/3/1/1/1 pull-ups.

This will allow you to plan it out and get better result next time when you do Fran again.

Start today. Never too late.