House Quarantine Fitness Games

House Quarantine Fitness Games


1st House Quarantine Fitness Games

Registration/Video Submission Deadline: Monday, 4/13/20 6pm Mountain time

Winner Announcement: Wednesday, 4/15/20 6pm Mountain time


2nd House Quarantine Fitness Games

WOD announcement: Monday, 4/13/20 12pm Mountain time

Workout link:

Registration/Video Submission Deadline: Monday, 4/27/20 6pm Mountain time

Winner Announcement: Wednesday, 4/29/20 6pm Mountain time


Prizes: (for all ages


1st – $125 each for 1st place male/female

2nd – $75 each for 2nd place male/female

3rd – $50 each for 3rd place male/female


$11 For one event, $20 For two events

For 16 years and older

How to participate:

  1. Register online:
  2. Submit your Workout videos by due dates: 4/13/20 (1st), 4/27/20 (2nd) online: HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO
  3. The winners will be announced on the dates: 4/15/20 and 4/29/20, and the prize will be delivered by the end of the week online


1st Home Quarantine Fitness Games

-DOWNLOAD- 1st Home Quarantine Workout scorecards-DOWNLOAD-

Workout #1


1 burpee + 1 Air squat + 1 Push up.

*Athlete must start from standing tall position before each burpee. 55 years and older athlete can do Kneel push up, and step down/up on burpees,

There’s no tie breaker. 1 whole complex will be counted as 1 rep. each movement will be counted in decimal (xx.1-xx.2).

Example) If an athlete completes 43 complexes and squat when the clock stops. He/she gets 43.2 as the score.

Workout #2

For time,

50 Jumping Jack


50-40-30-20-10 reps of

Sit ups

Walking lunges


50 Jumping Jack

(15min time cap)

Workout #3


5 Sit-up

10 Push-up

15 Air squats

*55 years and older athlete can do knee-push ups.


2nd Home Quarantine Fitness Games

Will be announced on Monday, 4/13/20 12pm Mountain time.


Movements and standards:

All the body movements without equipments, following CrossFit Games movement standards. All the standards and rules will be explained clearly with Workout announcements.

Push up:

*Knee-push ups: all the standards are same as push ups above wit


Walking Lunge:

Situp (Abmat is optional)

Air squat

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