How to submit your video

Video submissions, let’s talk about this. The concept is so simple, but if you’ve ever had to do it, you know it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Technology is great when it works, but is doesn’t always work does it? Although we would love to take your word and not have a video submission process, that’s not how this works!
Help us help you enjoy Home Quarantine Fitness Games with as few speed bumps as possible by setting yourself up for video submission success. Check out the helpful tips below.

Video Submission Format

YouTube or Vimeo, whichever works best for you! Just remember, you must set your video to public when you publish it! Also, be wary of copyrights on music in the background, as these could get your video taken down. Silly, I know, but the music police are real!


We want to give you full credit for your hard work! In order to do so, make sure there’s a running clock in the frame at all times (and that it’s legible)

Have a Backup Plan

Technology can be unpredictable. Like I said earlier, it is great when it actually works!
Why not play it safe and set up a back-up video in case your primary recording device – you know, dies?

Don’t Forget!

We know you’re hyped up on pre-workout (Max Perform….?) and adrenaline because this is so awesome. Your likely juggling rep schemes and WOD strategy in your head, but remember your basics: tell us your name, and state which workout you’re doing so we can give you full credit.

Battery Charged

There’s nothing worse than crushing a qualifier WOD, doing your victory roll around on the floor and then playing your video back and realizing it cut off midway through your second round. And now you have to do that vomit-inducing workout all.over.again. Yup. Think about that for a second. Don’t let that be you.
Also, if using a device with WiFi (so pretty much everyone, then), consider turning on airplane mode, both to maximize battery life and to ensure most of those annoying notifications are suppressed.

Angle & Frame

Simply put, judges must be able to see you meet the standards. This means if you’re doing squats facing the camera, most likely we can’t tell if you’re breaking parallel. Aim for a 45-degree angle. This sets up the best angle for judges to validate your score. As for framing, make sure your entire body stays in the frame at all times.


While this should be obvious, it should likely be stated. Please, please don’t set up your video 20 yards from your workout station. Not only does it give your judge wrinkles squinting at the screen to see if your meeting the standards, but it increases the odds that other athletes (ahem, video crashers) are going to come through and block our view of you entirely.

Speaking of Video Crashers

Give your fellow athletes a friendly heads up that you’re filming so they know to steer clear of the video zone.

Choose Your Videographer Wisely

If you decide to have a fellow athlete do the filming, choose wisely. You don’t want to hand the job to your mom (your biggest fan) if she can’t tame down her enthusiasm. She will spend the entire workout jumping up and down, clapping and shouting—phone in hand. We fully encourage cheering, but keep those folks in the audience.

Email your video link with your score to

What’s Next?

Once you’ve dodged all the potential issues of videotaping your submission (and we know you will, because you’ve got this awesome list to guide you), you’re probably pumped for what comes next. But please try to be patient—with technology and with us. The process can only move so fast. If you have questions about your video or score, please try to hold off until we’ve had a chance to review your submission and log it for you on the leaderboard.

Have fun and see you on the leaderboard!!

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