Friday, 11.27/20


Thursday 11/26/20, CFJJ will be closed for Thanksgiving Day!
Friday 11/27/20. We will only have a Black Friday Turkey Burn Off workout at 1:30pm. HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!

CrossFit Juke Joint – CrossFit

Happy Black Friday!! Come out for Turkey Burn out @1:30pm!!!

All the other classes are canceled. Saturday 11/27, we will have the normal classes.

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A: Deck of Card 2020 Black Friday (Time)

Draw cards from a standard 52-card deck plus 2 Jokers. Each card drawn determines which exercise to do and the number of reps.

Suit determines the exercise:

Hearts = Push up

Diamonds = Pull-up

Clubs = Squats

Spades = Burpee

Card value determines the number of reps (face cards = 10, Aces = 11).

Jokers = 15 Cal Row

Before the clock starts pick the first 4 cards from the deck to determine what exercise to do and how many reps. Whoever finishes the all the work from the previous cards will pull out the next 5 cards. Card value = number of reps (face cards = 10, Aces = 11).

if you don’t have a deck of cards

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